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Home Elevator Installation in the Twin Cities

It’s not that long ago that home elevators were thought of as a luxury that only the wealthy could enjoy. Today, home elevators offer function and style.

Stonehearth Remodeling will help you choose and install a home elevator and show you how easily it can integrate into your existing home structure.

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Installing an Elevator in Your Home Has Many Potential Benefits The popularity of home elevators has surged in recent years for various reasons. With a home elevator, you can:
  1. Add value and curb appeal: Like sunrooms and spa-like primary suites, a home elevator is an opportunity to enhance your home’s aesthetics and increase its value.
  2. Build up instead of out: Sometimes, the only way to increase living space is to go up. A home elevator makes it possible to invest in a second-story addition even if you have mobility issues.
  3. Age in place comfortably: Older generations often prefer to stay in their homes in their later years. Make living in your two-story home more manageable with a home elevator.
  4. Make transporting heavy objects easier: It’s a breeze to get a full suitcase, baskets of laundry, or a new armchair up to the second story or down to the ground floor with a home elevator.
  5. Gain greater mobility: If you rely on a scooter or wheelchair, a home elevator installation allows you to easily access all rooms without assistance.

Types of Home Elevators You can Install

Installing a home elevator is a multi-step process. The installation timeline can vary depending on the construction work required, the structure of your home, and the complexity of the elevator design. Pitless home elevators don’t require the shallow foundation pit that many other elevators do. Some models carry only one person, while others can carry someone in a wheelchair or several standing people at once. Types of pitless home elevators include:
  • Symmetry pitless home elevators: This elevator model mimics the look of a traditional elevator without the need to create a pit in the foundation. You must build a shaft with doors for each landing, which can match the other doors in your home.
  • Shaftless home elevators: These are great options because they require less space and minimal construction. Shaftless home elevators feature a self-contained car that travels along a guide rail, but you can choose the model, size, and features that meet your needs.
  • Pneumatic vacuum home elevators: Also known as a tube or vacuum elevator, this model offers a panoramic view and has a self-supporting shaft that is made of an airtight tube. The elevator car rises as the vacuum at the top of the shaft sucks out the air.

Home Elevator Design & Installation in Minneapolis & St. Paul

With the proper design and installation, a home elevator can be the perfect addition to any home. Stonehearth Remodeling will custom design your installation based on your home’s characteristics and your specific needs. You can also choose design features, such as:
  • The elevator car interior’s material and finish
  • The car door or gate
  • Car operating panels
  • Hall stations
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Handrails

Choose Stonehearth Remodeling for Your Home Elevator Installation in the Twin Cities

People often ask what makes us so different from other home remodeling companies. We like to say it’s our exceptional quality, price transparency, and passion for sustainability. Most importantly, we value the strong relationships we build with our clients, and we’d love to do the same with you. In addition to home elevator installation, we also offer whole-home remodeling, basement remodeling, and more so your Twin Cities home can have the look you want and the function you need. To learn more about home elevator installation or any of the other remodeling services we provide, contact us online or call (763) 427-7330 today.