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How Will Home Remodels Affect My Schedule?

Pulling the trigger on a home remodeling project is a big decision. And while they’re always worth it in the end, we all know that it can be a bit of a process during the construction phase. For those of you who have never had a remodel done before, you’re probably wondering how the whole project will affect your homelife – especially your schedule.

How a Home Remodel Will Affect Your Schedule

It’s not a question of if, but a question of how. The type of home remodeling project you have done will directly affect what parts of your schedule get impacted, and each situation will call for a different remedy while you power through the construction phase. Here are a few peripheral thoughts regarding how a home remodel will affect your schedule:

Type of Remodel

As stated, the type of remodeling project is going to have a major impact on the type of life adjustment you’ll have to make.

For example, bedroom remodels – while inconvenient – are relatively easy to deal with in the interim. Whether it means moving your sleeping space to the basement or another room, keeping the dust away from your sleeping area isn’t a big deal during bedroom remodels. However, kitchen remodels can get a bit more intense. You’re talking about having a company completely remodel the area you store and make your meals. If you’re getting a kitchen remodel, expect to be “scraping by” a little bit. It doesn’t mean you won’t have access to your kitchen supplies for the whole remodel, but it’s smart to have backup plans for simple meals on days the team is doing extensive work in inconvenient areas.

Whole House Remodels: Running Everywhere

Whole house remodels affect your schedule and daily life in an entirely different way. We essentially chase you around the house with power tools while you try to escape… Kidding! But it can sort of feel like that at times.

If you’re doing a whole house remodel, it’s not just going to affect your schedule in a single, predictable, and consistent way. As certain projects are finished and new ones are started, your living situation changes a bit. Obviously, we work closely with you to lessen the impact through establishing processes and plans up front so you’re completely informed of the project plans, as well as controlling dust to keep any health hazards away from your living spaces.

The Daily Things

TV, cooking, cleaning, sleeping, eating, bathing, dressing – they’re the daily habits we hardly ever think about. People often focus on the larger impacts of remodeling a home without paying attention to the small, daily behaviors that may be affected by a renovation project. If your bedroom is being remodeled, it doesn’t just affect your sleep schedule/habits. It affects the accessibility of a closet, bathroom (if your master bathroom is connected), and small things of that sort. Whatever the remodeling project is, take into consideration your daily habits and how it will impact them. That’s not said to discourage you from a remodel, but just be prepared and honest with yourself about the implications the project will have on your daily life.


Home remodeling projects can be extensive. It’s not just the major things – how a bedroom remodel affects your sleep situation, or a kitchen project your cooking – but also all the small things: dressing, eating, watching TV, and other daily habits you do without thinking about them. When taking on a remodeling project, be honest with yourself about the various ways it will affect your home life and schedule and talk with your remodeling company about how they can work with you to lessen the impacts. A professional remodeling company will work hard to create as much of a navigable, livable, and convenient area during your home remodel!

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