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Why We’re Different.

At Stonehearth Remodeling, we believe your satisfaction with the remodeling process is just as important as being thrilled with the finished product. That’s why we have developed an end-to-end approach to ensure a seamless and satisfactory experience, from the first phone call to the final nail. We call it our E2E Protocol.


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The Only Remodeler Solving Key Industry Issues

Our E2E Protocol ensures your remodeling experience will be seamless and satisfactory throughout. Ready to start the conversation?

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The only end-to-end solution that solves the three most common remodeling industry pitfalls



There are no surprises with our team: You’ll know the cost upfront and you’ll always know the project timeline.



We prevent miscommunications by making dialogue a part of the process. We take time to understand your wishes and explain our process.

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We solve the design dilemma by including top-notch design as a built-in part of our service, so your dreams meet our expertise. 

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We work to bring your vision to life and transform your home into a space you’ll love.



We solve the frustration of not knowing how much your project will actually cost up-front & throughout the process: ZERO SURPRISES



We solve communication gaps by making it a part of the process. We will know your desires & you will know the process

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We solve the design dilema by including top notch design as a built in part of our service

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With your project & your remodeler

What Is the E2E Protocol?

Our end-to-end solution solves the three most common frustrations in the remodeling industry: lack of transparency, sporadic communication, and vague details. Here’s how it works.

Price Transparency

We address the uncertainty of not knowing how much your project will cost by sharing figures upfront and throughout the process.

Many homeowners select a remodeler based on their initial quote. Unfortunately, many remodelers offer low-ball estimates, making significant price changes later on that force the homeowner to pay more than they bargained for. We solve the complaint of not knowing how much your project will cost — either upfront or throughout the project — with complete price transparency. Here’s what we offer:

VET Agreement

Before the project begins, all parties sign a Values, Expectations, and Transparency (VET) Agreement. This establishes the exact scope of the project, including accurate price estimates, so there’s no room for surprise costs or unexpected changes to the bottom line.

Flexible and Transparent

Change orders may occur if you request design alterations once the build has started. Still, we make you aware of potential price increases before approving change orders. We also track and present all price changes to you in real time in our cloud-based portal.

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Built-In Communication

Communication is the single biggest homeowner frustration during remodeling. We solve this by building communication directly into our process. We will understand your wishes, and you will know the process it takes to get there.

Many homeowners complain about poor communication from their remodeling company. At Stonehearth, we promise not to frustrate you by leaving you in the dark! Instead, our E2E Protocol offers built-in communication. Here’s how we keep you in the loop:

4-Hour Communication Guarantee

If you email us or leave a voicemail, we promise to get back to you within four business hours — no matter what.

Project Management Portal

You have 24/7 access to our cloud-based portal, where you can track project progress in real time. There, you’ll see any changes you’ve requested reflected in the schedule and project cost, so you’re never left guessing.

Weekly Meetings

We prioritize open communication from start to finish. In addition to our initial in-depth consultation, we provide 15-minute video calls once a week to answer any questions and update you on how your project is progressing.

Design Included

We solve the design dilemma by including top-notch design as a part of our remodeling process.

Rest assured that design is included in our process, so there’s no need to track down your own designer before coming to us for remodeling services. We proudly offer some of the best design work in the industry! If you bring us detailed plans from your own designer or architect, we are happy to turn the concept into a reality.

Design Included in the Process

Designs are often created hastily with little thought to the details. Stonehearth offers top-notch design services to clearly show how your project will look upon completion. We even use state-of-the-art software to provide virtual reality walkthroughs, so you can immerse yourself in the design before demolition begins.

Design Changes Are Available

Whether you want to make a change during the preliminary phase or after construction has started, we’ll do our best to accommodate your wishes. There’s no need to seek out a third party and pay additional fees for design changes when you work with us.

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Our E2E Protocol promises a hassle-free process and a beautiful, satisfying final result.

Homeowners are often told that satisfaction comes at the end of a home remodel, making the hassle along the way worth it. We don’t think that’s necessary, and we strive to keep you satisfied and confident throughout the whole process.

The E2E Protocol

The E2E Protocol solves the three biggest homeowner remodeling frustrations. You should love your remodeling company as much as your remodel.

Transparency, Communication, and Design

Our extensive research indicates these are the three elements that contribute to your final satisfaction with your remodel. We achieve success in these areas through our E2E Protocol.