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Is Your Remodeling Company Listening To You?

By now, we assume you understand that major home remodeling companies are not a commodity – they’re a source of value. And finding a valuable partner is incredibly important when looking for a company to handle your dream home renovations. While we would love to see everyone’s home remodeling projects go well, the simple fact remains – not all projects go the way you expect. And usually when things go sideways in the remodeling industry, it’s due to poor communication practices.

How to Tell If Your Remodeling Company is Listening to You

Listening is everything in this industry. Major home remodeling projects aren’t delivered with cookie-cutter solutions – everyone’s home, needs, and situation is going to be different. Even amongst common renovations, no project is ever the same. In order to have your vision for the remodel executed correctly, you need a remodeling company that genuinely listens to you. Here are a few tips on how to tell whether your remodeling company is listening to you:

1)  Communication Delay and Detail

Busyness is inevitable and depending on the size and workload of your remodeling company, a few delays here and there in communication are unavoidable. It’s just part of the equation.

However, in early quoting and project scoping phases, you should be able to easily identify when communication delays are exceeding a reasonable range. If you are perpetually reaching out for followups on unanswered emails and outstanding questions, chances are they may not be a great fit.

Even more important than communication timing is communication detail. When your remodeling company reaches back out to you, do they seem to have understood and answered all of your questions? Do you feel affirmed in your own questions as well as having been given new insights and suggestions? A solid remodeling company shouldn’t just be an answering bot – they should be detailed and insightful in their responses when discussing ideas and direction for your major home remodeling projects.

2)  Putting Out Fires

You should never be in charge of putting out fires, and if you feel like you’re constantly rewording and restating clear instructions, the chances are your remodeling company is not listening to you. Listening is not only a matter of agreeance – a company that’s good at listening will be good at responding. It should always be a two-way exchange.

Keep your remodeling company in the loop for decisions and give them a chance to offer their own advice. Getting them involved in key choices can help expose how much they’ve been listening throughout the process and will further guarantee your projects flow smoothly.


If a remodeling company is failing to listen to you when it comes to your home renovation projects, chances are – things are going to go sideways at one point or another. Listening isn’t a benefit of good providers; it’s a bare necessity for competent vendors. Luckily, a remodeling company’s listening skills can easily be discovered in early stages of communication. Pay attention to delays in communication – are they expected due to a regular degree of busyness, or are they exceeding reasonable time limits? Are they responding in detailed answers to your question or skimming over (even missing) your points entirely? Understanding the communication and listening capabilities of a remodeling vendor before jumping on board is crucial for a smooth ride throughout your home renovations!

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