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Functional vs. Luxury Remodels

Remodeling your home occupies a weird middle space between a luxury and practical (or functional) decision. That confusion often plays a role in determining whether or not you view a remodeling decision as being “worth it”, but the truth is, remodels will always remain a mix between the two.

The goal with this post is to use that balance to shed some light on which remodeling decision is best for you to do first.

Remodeling Decisions: Functional vs. Luxury

As we already established, a mix of those two will always exist with a remodel. Your living in, using, and occupying the space you have remodeled, so to some extent, it is always “functional”. We all know that remodels are a luxury – you want it to look more beautiful and match a specific design you have in mind.

If you are struggling to make a remodeling decision regarding which room/section of the house to remodel first, the balance between those two can help a lot. Here are some peripheral thoughts:

Which Frustrates You More

No beating around the bush with that one – something about your house frustrates you. And that’s fine! It’s the case with all of us. Most people looking to get a home remodel done always have a couple rooms they’d love to have remodeled. Find the “but” in your preference between the two:

“I want to get our bedroom remodeled, BUT the state of our kitchen is incredibly frustrating.”

You’re essentially searching for which decision will prove to be more functional. Remember – a home remodel is always a luxury to a certain extent, but when you’re making a choice regarding which room or section of your home to get remodeled first, always focus on the one that is frustrating you more. It’s important to think futuristically on this one. Picture 5 years down the road – which room would you be able to deal with not remodeling?

Which Feels More Time Sensitive

This isn’t always applicable, but sometimes homeowners feel a bit of an “internal clock” to get a particular section of their house remodeled. Some rooms may feel like it would be nice to have them remodeled, but still not feel like a necessity, while it is often the case that another room feels essential to have done as soon as possible.

If you feel time sensitive about a certain section of your house, aim for that. It doesn’t have to be a purely luxury or functional purpose – you have an internal sense of which remodeling project needs to be tackled first. Follow that gut instinct!

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