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Foundation Repair vs. Home Remodel: Which First?

There’s more factors going into home remodeling decisions than you can count. Budget, timeline, family, homelife, season, career situation… the list goes on. And if you’re living in a home that has issues beyond cosmetics, it can be even more difficult to decide what to do. We’re specifically talking about foundation issues.

Foundation repair is a big deal. It’s usually a pretty hefty project involving a lot of work and often a long timeline, and at the end of the day they’re kind of… well, boring.

A foundation repair does change the appearance of your house – it’s nowhere close to the exhilaration of doing a home remodel! But that’s no reason to pick a remodel over a foundation repair.

Which to Do First: Foundation Repair or Home Remodel

If you are trying to decide between which to do first – repair your home’s foundation or remodel your home – here are a few things to keep in mind:

Lifting Your Home

One of the steps that may be involved in foundation repair is lifting your home. This literally involves lifting your entire house up from the ground so repair work can be done on the supports directly underneath your home. Sound like a big deal? It kind of is.

As you might have guessed, a home isn’t just one solid piece that you can easily lift up and down. Lifting a home may temporarily warp sections of the house as adjustments are being made, and while this will all be fixed once it is finished, it can prove damaging to countertops, flooring, and ceilings in the meantime. That’s not a guarantee – just something to keep in mind.

If you’re planning on dumping a bunch of money into a home remodel, remember that it is a bad idea IF your foundation repair will require your home to be lifted. But that entirely depends on what type of foundation repair needs to happen with your house.

Contingency Budgeting

Most experienced remodeling companies will be able to offer a concrete number on what a remodel is going to cost that will roughly stay the same throughout. Obviously, unforeseen circumstances can raise or lower costs occasionally, but a remodeling quote will more-than-likely remain constant.

Foundation repairs on the other hand are not so stable in pricing. While a contractor may offer a quote, you have to remember that number is contingent on everything going perfectly. And when you mess with the foundation of a house, there’s always a higher chance that damage may occur to your home.

Again, none of that is guaranteed, but if the quote you received for a remodel or foundation repair is your absolute maximum available cash – you may want to re-evaluate your timeline.

Have Your Home Evaluated Before

Before you make any decisions – you absolutely need to have an experienced professional evaluate your home. At the time of this post’s writing, Stonehearth is actually offering free virtual home assessments to consult homeowners on their questions regarding foundation repairs, home remodels, and handyman/maintenance service needs.

We have a ton of experience in the industry and have seen all sorts of home foundation repair and remodeling projects and would love to chat with you and answer any questions you may have! Please don’t hesitate to pick up your phone and just give us a call. We’d love to hear your questions and concerns and help in any way possible.

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