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Common Misconceptions About Home Remodels

We’re working on home remodels every day, so we know all the ins and outs of the industry, how things work, cost ballparks, and everything in between. But most of the general public only deals with a home remodel once in a blue moon, so it’s no wonder why there are so many misconceptions about home remodeling out there.

We want to take a second and debunk a few myths surrounding home remodeling projects so you have a clearer understanding of what you’ll be getting yourself into should you chose to move forward with one!

Common Misconceptions About Home Remodels

If you are planning on getting a home remodel done in the near future, here are a few common misconceptions to keep in mind along the way:

1) Doing It Yourself Will Be Cheaper

This may actually be true in some cases. However, most major home remodels require strenuous amounts of work and most home owners quickly realize they’ve bitten off more than they can (or want) to chew.

Home remodeling isn’t as simple as replacing the hinge on a door, ripping up old carpet, or repainting the walls. Major home remodels involve complicated construction that often clashes with electrical wiring, plumbing, structural support of a home, and other hazardous areas. What may even appear as “linear and simple” projects are usually much more complicated than anticipated.

Working with a professional remodeling company often means you’ll save time and money. And before you commit, a remodeling company will give you an estimate, a scope of work, and project timeline, and if they’re an experienced professional, they should provide you with a partner plan (this is what Stonehearth does). This details out all the various contractors who will be used in each point of the process, what their role is, and how the project will go from start to finish.

2) Living During a Home Remodel Is Terrible

If you’re remodeling your entire house, yes, it can be difficult. But even major home remodeling tasks like master bathrooms/bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, or home additions aren’t anywhere near as bad as customers anticipate.

You may have to adjust your lifestyle a bit in the meantime – having a microwave and/or mini oven elsewhere during a kitchen remodel, or using the downstairs bathroom while yours is remodeled. However, most professional remodeling companies are great at keeping to their area. Their materials stay either in the truck or in the section they are remodeling. They pick up after themselves and keep the area free of hazards.

Of course, this does all hinge on who you decide to work with. But if you reach out to a company like Stonehearth Remodeling, simply ask them what you can expect for living during a home remodel. Experienced remodelers do everything in their power to reduce the impact a home remodel will have on your day-to-day life, and hiring a professional remodeling company is often less-intrusive than doing it yourself.

3) Remodeling and Interior Design Need to Be Hired Separately

It’s true that interior designers can greatly benefit the look of your home by introducing new ideas to layout and fixtures, but usually experienced home remodeling companies like Stonehearth think heavily about the design in addition to the technicalities of a remodel.

A home remodel isn’t just about changing the structural layout of a house – introducing more space, tearing down/adding a couple walls, etc. It’s primarily about the design – what will you end up with after a remodel? Will the room be more inviting? Will it look nice? What style are you going for? Experienced remodelers address all of this before a remodel begins, so you’ll get both the remodeling piece as well as the interior design piece lumped together.


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