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Popular Home Remodeling Trends

Making the decision to get a home remodel is huge. It takes some serious planning, budgeting, and preparing to get ready for one, and it’s very exciting for homeowners to see their spaces transformed into the rooms of their dreams.

However, it’s hard to know what to go with. If you’re getting a home remodel, you want something that’s “in-style”, practical, and following common practices in home design. Of course, every home remodel should have a unique aesthetic, and you’ll want to work with a remodeling company like Stonehearth that can speak into various design decisions, but before you start a major remodel, familiarize yourself with a couple of these popular design trends:

1) Accessibility

More and more people are trying to make their first home their “forever home”. That’s a great decision! The less you have to move, the less hassle, money, resources, and time involved in the long-term. But many people move out of their homes because they become impractical as they age. Depending on the layout, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and stairs can become difficult – or in some cases impossible – to navigate without a remodel.

The good news is – virtually any house can be remodeled to accommodate accessibility needs. You simply need to plan for it. A common design trend we are seeing more and more is people remodeling their homes early on to have wider spaces, more open concepts, and easier layouts to navigate. Not only are these types of remodels gorgeous renditions of homes – they serve a practical purpose for aging in your house.

2) Style Mashups

Contemporary, industrial, minimalist, Scandinavian, transitional – you’ve seen a million blogs, Pins, design inspiration posts, and other resources displaying multiple styles in their “pure” form. But a common remodeling trend we’re seeing as of recent are style mashups. This is an attempt to mix various design styles to keep a home unique, modern, and most of all, versatile.

People always talk about “timeless” looks, but the truth is, timeless remodels aren’t really a thing. Every design trend becomes outdated at some point, so how do you combat this aging factor? Style mashups.

Using style mashups often allows a home to be more versatile in its appearance. As time moves on, it’s easier to redesign and renovate small sections of your house to keep with the times. It helps to give your house character without losing its history.

3) Energy Efficient + Eco Friendly Materials

There’s no doubt we are moving towards a more eco-conscious world. The same applies for the home remodeling industry. More and more homeowners are becoming aware of the environmental impact of their decisions, as well as the long-term cost implications of choosing a more energy-efficient redesign.

These types of remodels could involve bamboo floors that haven’t been trucked too far, or perhaps materials that come from a plant with low-impact waste cycles (more natural, less factory-processed materials.)

Wrapping It Up

Getting a home remodel can be difficult! There’s a lot of big decisions to be made, and we understand the stress involved. If you have any questions about what materials to use, the various ways your space could be transformed, budget, or anything else – please reach out to us! We would love to answer any and all of your questions

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