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Kitchen Remodels: How Do You Know You’re Ready?

We’re all about encouraging homeowners in their decisions to remodel their house. However, we have seen plenty of people move on with a remodeling project for the wrong reasons. Remodels are a big decision with a lot of factors coming into play. If you are wanting to get a kitchen remodel sooner rather than later, you’ll want to make sure you doing it for the right reasons.

If a kitchen remodel is always in your peripherals, here are a few tips on how to gauge whether or not you are ready for one!

How Do You Know You’r Ready for a Kitchen Remodel?

We get that you’re probably ready to take a sledgehammer to some of your kitchen cabinets and walls. We fully understand the antsy feeling of wanting to see your kitchen transformed into the kitchen of your dreams. But it’s always smart to litmus test your own motivations to see if you’re doing it for the right reason.

A kitchen remodel is a big project – here are a few ways you can gauge your readiness to start one!

1) Are You Doing it for Yourself, or For Resale?

Many people opt for remodeling projects because they feel like it’s the “right thing to do” for reselling their house. However, not many of them actually have plans to resell their house in the near future.

It’s true that getting a beautiful, modern kitchen remodel will raise the resale value of your home, but unless you have a general timeline in the foreseeable future in-which you are planning to sell your home, it’s the wrong reason to get a home remodel.

A kitchen remodel should be done either for you and your family, or for a definitive home resale plan.

2) Are You Planning on Cheap Cabinetry?

Bad idea. All around. A kitchen remodel is an investment meant to lift both the cosmetic and functional side of your kitchen. You want a kitchen remodel to last for a long time. You’re probably planning to invest in an experienced remodeling company – why not invest the extra dollars in cabinets that are going to look gorgeous as well as last for a while?

Nobody wins when particleboard cabinets end up in the trash 5 years later.

3) Have You Done Your Research on Remodeling Companies?

This is the biggest indication of being ready for a kitchen remodel. Once you begin genuinely researching and calling remodeling companies in your area, you know you’re ready for the remodeling process.

Finding a company that has a defined “process” is super important. There are tons of moving parts in a remodel – various different plumbers, electricians, and other vendors need to be hired to take care of their portion of the remodel. Unless you work with a remodeling company that has a defined process – such as Stonehearth’s Partner Plan – you’ll risk running into issues with remodels, extending timeliness, and backtracking as vendors’ and contractors’ work conflicts with each other.


Knowing when you’re ready for a kitchen remodel can be difficult, but it boils down to a few things. Have you done the proper research yet to find remodeling companies and begin conversations? Starting a conversation with a remodeling company to learn about their process can greatly inform you on what needs to be done with a kitchen remodel and prepare you for the process.

Most importantly – make sure you are doing your remodel for the right purpose. Either do it for you and your family, or do it for raising the resale value of your home – but only if you have a timeline in mind for when you plan to sell your home! Don’t arbitrarily decide to get a remodel for increasing resale value of your home without any plans to resell in the near future.

If you have any questions about kitchen remodels or other home remodeling questions, please feel free to reach out to us! We would love to hear your questions, concerns, and everything in between!

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