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Design Included.

Homeowners are too often forced to accept napkin-like drawings, becoming victims of “loose” design standards. Remodelers are too anxious to begin projects without getting all of the details on what you actually want.

Many people think remodeling and design are synonymous, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The larger majority of remodeling companies are essentially “construction companies” with a label to cater to homeowners. We’re different – we include expert, top-notch design services as a part of your remodeling project. We do not begin work until we understand every last detail of what you are envisioning.

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Design Included

bathroom remodel and sketches

The Challenge

Remodelers start remodeling projects before they have necessary details, and homeowners accept a proposal based on loose design standards.

The challenge is clear. Remodelers present a very loose idea of the remodel design, homeowners accept the proposal,  and the project begins before design details are specified.  Homeowners are forced to hire outside help to keep the remodeler from taking the design in a direction they never wanted.

home remodel plans with wrench and tablet

The Solution

Integrating expert design services – by actual designers (not construction workers) – in the process.

If design services are a part of the process, it does two things. Firstly, it eliminates the unnecessary extra cost of hiring external help. Secondly, if designers are  part of the same team as the remodelers, it closes any potential communication gaps.

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How Having Design Included Solves This

We solve the design dilemma by including top-notch design services as a part of the process. We refuse to work without all necessary details.

Our expert designers are skilled in design and incredibly organized. It keeps the entire team’s vision cohesive based on what you ask for from the start. The result is a remodel with no surprises that represents exactly what you asked for at the beginning.

How Does It Work?

We treat comprehensive design as a prerequisite to remodeling. We won’t begin your home remodel until our designers have worked with you to determine exactly what you want and shown you how it will look.

Too often homeowners do not know how much their project will end up costing until the end. We solve this through pricing transparency. Our VET Agreement ensures all project details are communicated ahead of time and any changes made during the project are visible in our cloud-based project portal. No pricing surprises ever.


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What Else Makes Us Different?

Pricing Transparency

Lack of communication plagues the remodeling industry and is one of the three largest homeowner frustrations. We build communication into our process, giving you channels to communicate with us during your remodel and receive updates along the way.

Built-In Communication

Lack of communication plagues the remodeling industry, and it’s one of the three largest homeowner frustrations when working with remodelers. We build communication into our process, giving you channels to communicate with us at any time during your remodel and updates along the way.

Total Satisfaction

Total Satisfaction isn’t just an end result, it’s also the process it takes to get there. We guarantee total satisfaction with your home remodel through our E2E Protocol, ensuring pricing transparency, built-in communication, and expert design services before your project even begins. You won’t just love your remodel – you’ll love your remodeling company. We guarantee it.