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Price Transparency.

Most homeowners select their remodelers based on price. The irony is that almost every remodeler lets price transparency fall through the cracks.

Home remodel pricing has become entirely illusive in the remodeling industry. Remodelers know how much homeowners have commoditized the industry, so they lowball estimates based on a loose understanding of what needs to be done. The result? Pricing changes throughout the project, and they end up paying drastically more than they anticipated by the end. We solve this through what we refer to as Pricing Transparency.


Price Transparency

The Challenge

The lack of pricing transparency in the remodeling industry is one of the biggest frustrations for homeowners.

There is nothing more frustrating than not understanding home much your remodel will cost. The issue is homeowners are never given full transparency for how much their project will end up costing, and remodelers sneak in surprise costs along the way.

The Solution

You need a remodeler who can guarantee accurate pricing and zero surprise costs.

Initial quotes are not the solution to accurate pricing. Accurate pricing must be a part of the process. You don’t need a remodeler’s ball-park estimate based on their experience – you need a pricing structure that is based on project expectations you and your remodeler have both agreed upon.

How Price Transparency Solves This

Our VET Agreement, communication protocols, and accessible cloud-based project portal guarantee your pricing is transparent up front and throughout your home remodel.

We don’t just say we have transparent pricing – we can prove it. Our Values, Expectations, and Transparency form keeps us both aware of project expectations, and our cloud-based portal allows you to see all changes to the scope of your project and how it will affect your overall pricing.

How Does It Work?

Price transparency only works if there is actual accountability between homeowners and remodelers.

It works because our entire system relies on protocols that guarantee pricing transparency. The VET Agreement that both you and us sign keeps us all in-the-know on the exact scope of the project, and our cloud-based portal makes all steps of the remodeling process entirely transparent. You know exactly what we’re working on and when, leaving absolutely no room for surprise costs or unexpected changes to your final bill.


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What Else Makes Us Different?

Built-In Communication

Lack of communication plagues the remodeling industry, and it’s one of the three largest homeowner frustrations when working with remodelers. We build communication into our process, giving you channels to communicate with us at any time during your remodel and updates along the way.

Design Included

Most remodelers frustrate homeowners through what we refer to as “loose design standards”. Homeowners are forced to accept napkin-like drawings of their projects, and have to seek outside design help from other vendors. We solve it by including top-notch design services as a part of our remodeling process.

Total Satisfaction

Total Satisfaction isn’t just an end result – it’s also the process it takes to get there. We guarantee total satisfaction with your home remodel through our E2E Protocol, which ensures pricing transparency, communication built into the process, and expert design services before your project even begins. You won’t just love your remodel – you’ll love your remodeling company. We guarantee it.