Stonehearth Remodeling

Total Satisfaction.

Our unique E2E Protocol was built for this. Total Satisfaction = End Results + The Process it took to get there.

We have spent the last several years studying what homeowners want from a remodeler. We identified the three greatest frustrations of the remodeling industry and built a protocol to fix them. We don’t just say we’re different – we have the experience, framework, and protocol to prove it. The E2E Protocol guarantees Total Satisfaction with your remodel by eliminating all frustrations and communication gaps.

Total Satisfaction

The Challenge

Homeowners are satisfied with the end result, but the process to get there is an absolute nightmare.

Our research indicates that homeowners are frustrated with their remodelers more often than not. Communication gaps, design reinterpretations, hidden costs and surprise fees, etc. They may end up being happy with the end result, but they are rarely happy with the process it took to get there.

The Solution

A remodeler with a proven system to avoid the most common frustrations of the remodeling industry.

“We pride ourselves in our expertise and customer service” isn’t enough. Words don’t mean anything if there isn’t a protocol to prove it. You need a remodeler who can guarantee a satisfying experience – at the end and throughout the process.

How Total Satisfaction Solves This

Our E2E Protocol guarantees Total Satisfaction by eliminating every point of uncertainty in the remodeling process and keeping you in the loop.

Actual accountability is only possible once expectations have been explicitly stated and agreed upon. Our E2E Protocol guarantees it through pricing transparency, built-in communication, and included expert design services.

How Does It Work?

Pricing Transparency, Built-In Communication, and Included Design Services. These are the solutions to the three greatest frustrations of the remodeling industry. Our E2E Protocol hinges on every last one.

Our Values, Expectations, and Transparency (VET) Agreement keeps all parties informed on project scope, expectations, and pricing. Our team refuses to work until our expert designers have worked with you to create your dream space. You are guaranteed a weekly progress update video call and a maximum response time of four business hours for any questions. We’ve identified the major homeowner frustrations and solved them with our unique protocol. We don’t just say we’re different – our E2E Protocol proves it.

What Else Makes Us Different?

Pricing Transparency

Too often homeowners do not know how much their project will end up costing until the end. We solve this through pricing transparency. Our VET Agreement ensures all project details are communicated ahead of time and any changes made during the project are visible in our cloud-based project portal. No pricing surprises ever.

Built-In Communication

Lack of communication plagues the remodeling industry and is one of the three largest homeowner frustrations. We build communication into our process, giving you channels to communicate with us during your remodel and receive updates along the way.

Design Included

Most remodelers leave homeowners frustrated with their “loose” design standards. Homeowners are forced to accept napkin-like drawings of their projects or seek outside design help from other vendors. We solve this by including top-notch design services as a part of our remodeling process.

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