Stonehearth Remodeling

Your Satisfaction.

Our unique E2E Protocol was built for you. It combines top-notch results with the process it took to get there.

At Stonehearth Remodeling, we focus on delivering what homeowners want from their remodelers — not just a beautiful finished product, but a pleasant experience getting there. It’s all possible thanks to our E2E Protocol, which combines price transparency, built-in communication, and design services included in the process. With this refreshing approach, we eliminate the frustrations that usually exist in the remodeling industry.

custom bathroom with walk in shower and dark floors

Focused on Your Satisfaction

bathroom remodel and sketches

The Challenge

Our research shows that homeowners are most frustrated by pricing uncertainty, underdeveloped designs, and being left in the dark. They may end up satisfied with the finished product, but they are unhappy throughout the entire remodeling process. We want every Minneapolis homeowner to know it doesn’t have to be this way.

home remodel plans with wrench and tablet

The Solution

Words like “customer service” and “expertise” are just empty promises without the experience, framework, and protocol to prove it. Stonehearth is a Minneapolis remodeler committed to fixing all the usual frustrations homeowners have to deal with.

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How Customer Satisfaction Solves This

At Stonehearth, we don’t just say we’re different — our E2E Protocol proves it. We sign a VET Agreement to hold ourselves accountable early on. Then, our seamless and proven process ensures a beautiful finished product while helping you enjoy yourself along the way. It’s all part of our promise to help you love your remodeling company as much as you love the results!

A Refreshing Approach
to Remodeling

Any high-end professional remodeling company can deliver the renovation you want. The question is whether you want to tolerate the inconvenient and frustrating experience so many remodelers provide. With Stonehearth, you don’t have to make that choice. Our refreshing approach to home remodeling extends to every service area we specialize in, including:

·         Home additions

·         Basement remodeling

·         Bathroom remodeling

·         Bedroom remodeling

·         Kitchen remodeling

·         Whole-home remodeling

·         Aging-in-place remodeling

·         Garages and detached garages

·         Sunroom construction

·         Porches and patio renovation

·         And much more

A kitchen with black and white cabinets, white marble countertops, a large island with white cushioned stools with a vase of purple flowers, pendant lighting over the island, and wood floors.

What Else Makes Us Different?

Pricing Transparency

Too often homeowners do not know how much their project will end up costing until the end. We solve this through pricing transparency. Our VET Agreement ensures all project details are communicated ahead of time and any changes made during the project are visible in our cloud-based project portal. No pricing surprises ever.

Built-In Communication

Lack of communication plagues the remodeling industry and is one of the three largest homeowner frustrations. We build communication into our process, giving you channels to communicate with us during your remodel and receive updates along the way.

Design Included

Many Minneapolis homeowners are frustrated by their remodelers’ “loose” design standards. Rest assured that Stonehearth incorporates top-notch design services into the process, so you’ll know exactly what your project will look like upon completion before anyone even lifts a hammer.