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Design Services

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Design Services

Stonehearth Remodeling offers remodeling design services for residential and commercial structures. We specialize in both interior and exterior makeovers. No matter the size of the project, choosing to invest in remodeling or new construction is a serious decision. Stonehearth Remodeling understands the significance of this commitment. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive, integrated process to ensure the success of your project.

  1. Learn
    First, we’ll have a meet-and-greet with you so we can understand and identify your ideas, goals, budget, and ultimate vision for your project.Then, we’ll identify the scope of the work that needs to be done. Together, we will work with you to create a list of prioritized project objectives.
  2. Design
    Our experienced and creative architects and designers will work with you to make your vision a reality. Then, Stonehearth Remodeling will work with you to select the materials that will make your project unique.
  3. Pricing and Approval
    Before work begins, we’ll meet again to discuss pricing and clarify expectations. We’ll introduce you to your construction team, including our expert carpenters and subcontractors.
  4. Construction
    Once you approve our plan and pricing and have had your pre-construction concerns addressed, work will begin on your home. Our team will communicate with you about the project’s progress until the work is complete.

Ready to learn more? Call us today at 763-427-7330 or fill-out our contact form and we’ll reach out to you.

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