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Best Type of Flooring for a Bathroom Renovation

Flooring is one of the largest materials in your home remodel. With options like natural stone, manufactured tiles, laminate, and wood, your choice can positively impact your living spaces, and Stonehearth Remodeling can help.

Here are some innovative flooring ideas and general recommendations to help you find the best materials.

Tile Flooring in Your New Bathroom

When picking a new bathroom floor, many homeowners focus on an attractive color or durable material. Because bathroom flooring should be waterproof and withstand heavy foot traffic, the floor selection for your bathroom remodel should have beauty and function.

Tile should be aesthetically pleasing, water- and stain-resistant, and long-lasting. Tile flooring options include:

  • Floating hardwood or laminate: This flooring is easy to install. Homeowners can lay it directly over their existing wood or tile floors. It’s also a popular floor selection in kitchen remodels.
  • Vinyl planks: Vinyl planks mimic wood, deliver a realistic look, and come in different colors and styles.
  • Natural stone tile: As a top interior design choice, natural stone mirrors synthetic stone but is more durable and will last for years.

LVP Flooring in the Bathroom

Vinyl plank is versatile in design and appearance and is a synthetic floor material that can be indistinguishable from other hard-surface floorings.

It’s also durable and scratch-resistant because of its chemical top layer. It’s relatively affordable and offers superior longevity, especially for busy households with heavy foot traffic.

Classic Hardwoods in the Bathroom

Make the most of your powder room by transforming it with wood flooring. Selections vary based on wood strength, design, or color code.

Some homeowners also include wood finishes to their shelving to further enhance the beauty of their space. With a coat of waterproof glue, you never have to worry about high humidity from long showers.

Hardwoods include:

  • Cherry: Cherry wood provides an elegant look with deep, rich red tones.
  • Pine: Pine comes in various shades and is durable and long-lasting.
  • Mahogany: Mahogany is easy to install, affordable, and offers a rich, warm tone.
  • Teak: Teak is stylish while offering humidity and slip resistance.
  • Red oak: Red oak features grain textures with deep salmon hues.

Stone, Granite & Marble Flooring

Among the best types of flooring, stone, marble, and granite are rich in style and elegance. These flooring styles are highly durable and provide a pristine finish.

Whether you only renovate your flooring or carry the look over to your showers and walls, marble, granite, and stone are long-lasting.

Laminate Flooring Options

Laminate is affordable and resembles hardwood floors or stone. It’s highly durable and moisture-resistant, and installation and maintenance are easy.

For upscale looks, consider:

  • A tile-to-oak transition for a rich and inviting look.
  • Polishing your floating floor laminates for an immaculate, glossy finish.
  • Doing a tile-to-wood transition for a spa-like effect.

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