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Working with a Remodeling Company: Most Common Mistakes

We all know our “limits” when it comes to any task in life. Whether it be a matter of capabilities and available tools, or simply a lack of time to tackle a project, we all know when we need to pass the baton to someone else. Home remodeling is frequently one of those tasks.

For most homeowners, the thought of tearing up their entire kitchen, floorboards, cabinets, sink, plumbing, tiles, walls, and gutting everything to rebuild it themselves seems absolutely daunting. And kitchen remodels aren’t even considered a “major” home remodel. That’s why home remodeling is often outsourced.

Most Common Mistakes when Working with a Remodeling Company

So, you’ve passed the project onto a professional remodeler. It’s out of your hands and everything will sail smooth from here! Right?

For the most part, yes, a lot of the construction details and day-to-day work are out of your hands now. However, there are a few key issues we see homeowners run into when outsourcing their Minnesota home remodeling projects. Here they are:

Failing to Compliment the Current Architectural Design

This one is entirely situational, and it will largely depend on the style of home you have, what you’re remodeling, and what you plan on changing the space into. But keep in mind – renovating a section of your home should complement the rest of the current design of your house (unless you’re planning on gutting and redoing your home entirely). It doesn’t need to match the design perfectly, but make sure the colors, materials, and layout you’re choosing at least fit well with the rest of the house.

Picking Appliances Last

We all tend to think of appliances as the last piece of the puzzle, but the appliances are actually some of the key building blocks for the rest of a home’s design. Your remodel will be built with very specific sizes in mind relating to the appliances you are getting. The same applies for color coordination. If you leave selecting appliances till the end, you’ll be stuck running around trying to find the perfect color and style combination that ALSO happens to be the exact right size. No fun.

Not Adequately Preparing for Living During the Remodel

Let us first say this – shame on your remodeling company if they don’t prepare you for what the remodeling process will look like. A good, professional remodeling company will educate you on how the remodeling process will go from start to finish; the entire process. We do this with all of our clients, so they feel comfortable and prepared the entire time.

You want to make sure you are adequately prepared for a remodel. If a remodeling company is redoing your master bedroom or bathroom, make sure you temporarily move your mattress and other daily belongings to another room. If it’s a kitchen, have a temporary microwave and mini-fridge or freezer elsewhere in the house so you can feed yourself during the remodel.

Essentially, whatever is being done, make sure you assess how it will affect your daily life, talk to your remodeler, and plan a temporary space to move those daily activities to.

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