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When Is the Best Time To Remodel Your Home?

A Full Season-By-Season Remodeling Guide

Similar to any major life event – planning for a wedding, a baby, etc. – home remodels are big decisions that call for careful planning and budgeting. kitchen remodel with white countertops, white cabinets, wood floors, and recessed lighting. Aside from planning what you want in a home remodel, you need to consider when the best time is to remodel your house. As you might imagine with anything, the generic answer is – it depends. The expert home designers and remodelers from Stonehearth Remodeling have tips for remodeling in every season of the year.

The Best Season for Home Remodels

Your initial instinct may be, “summer, of course!”, but you have to remember that a home remodel takes time. Planning and deciding on materials, design style, and layout changes can take months. From a remodeler’s perspective, we have a lot to consider when planning as well. Consulting with homeowners (you), getting appropriate building permits, reviewing the current build, and walking through problem areas with contractors can take even more time.

Timing Depends on Your Needs

Not every home remodeling project will go this way. The length of a home renovation depends on what section of your house is being remodeled. For example, a full basement remodel will take longer to complete than a deck remodel.

Remodeling in the Summer

Living room remodel with floor-to-ceiling windows and wood floors. The right time to remodel a section of a home isn’t when you need it – you want to plan in advance. So what’s best to get remodeled during the summer? Everything warm. If you’re planning on getting a fireplace remodel, summer is a great time. Have a remodeling company come in and take care of replacing your fireplace during the summer so it’s ready to go during the cooler seasons. Summer is also a great time to get a new furnace or forced air heating system installed as, once again, you’ll want these already installed by the time late fall and winter roll around.

Potentially Save Money With a Fall Remodel

If you’re planning on redoing the exterior of your home, fall is often a great time to do it. First, depending on the remodeling company you work with and the type of work being done, remodeling in the fall can be cheaper than remodeling in the summer. If you’re planning on re-painting the exterior of your home, you’ll need to power-wash your house, which is often a preparatory step done during the fall. As with anything, it’s smartest to contact local remodelers to ask about these services and the best time to get them done. Depending on the temperature, weather conditions, type of work to be done, and current project load, each remodeling company may have different recommendations on when you should get your remodel done.

Remodeling Your Home in Winter Is Still an Option

New home construction remodel with open floor plan, wood floors, recessed lights, and large dining, kitchen, and living areas. “No Minnesota remodels happen during the winter, do they?” You bet they do. At Stonehearth Remodeling, we have completed and started many remodels during the cold winter months. The summer may be a great time to get outdoor work finished, but winter is an excellent chance to finish interior remodels. If you’re planning on having a full kitchen remodel, primary bedroom remodel, or bathroom remodel, winter is often a great time to do it. The off-season may mean your remodeling company will have a smaller workload and can dedicate more focus and time to your specific project.

Remodeling Your Home in Spring

Spring is a season of “freshening up.” We replace soil, plant trees, replace mulch, clean our sidewalks, and everything else that involves preparing for the summer. The same is true for home remodels. If your home needs both interior and exterior remodeling, spring may be your best choice. You avoid the dirt buildup that happens in the late-Minnesota winter snow as well as prep your house for summer gatherings with family and friends. Spring is the best time to get everything done that will be used in the summer.

Full-Service Design & Build Services in the Minneapolis Area

Stonehearth Remodeling is in Coon Rapids, MN, and provides top-rated remodeling services throughout the Twin Cities. We have the experience and expertise to complete a home remodel at any point in the year. Need to remodel your home in Minneapolis and have concerns about budget and timing? Contact us today to schedule a consultation.
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