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Home Remodels: What to Expect

We could all probably think of a handful of things we’d like to change about our homes. No home ever comes “exactly” how you envisioned it, and truthfully, part of the luxury of being a homeowner is having the ability to make decisions regarding updates and renovations.

If you or your spouse are looking to get a major home remodeling project done for the first time in the near future, you’re probably wondering what you should expect from the whole process. It can get a bit lengthy, and for the more “major” projects (i.e., bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, porch additions, master suite additions, whole house remodels, basement remodels, etc.), they can be rather intensive.

What to Expect During a Major Home Remodel

Major home remodels are major decisions that require major involvement. The entire process extends from the conception of ideas all the way through the completion of the construction project, and there’s a whole lot of “stuff” that happens in that time window.

If you are planning on getting a major home remodeling project done in the near future, here are a few things you can expect:

You’ll Be Involved Throughout

A lot of people think their involvement with the project ends when it gets passed off to the team for construction, but that’s seldom the case. For major home remodels, there are various decisions that have to be made by the homeowner throughout the process. If you’re doing a kitchen remodeling project, that might involve hardwood floor or tile selections. Whatever your renovation project is, you can expect to be highly involved in calling the shots on key design features. Your home remodeling company will leave the what to you, and you can leave the how to them.


Home remodels are messy – we won’t deny it and anyone who does isn’t telling you the truth. Between cutting boards, tiling, paint, glue, sheetrock, power tools… you get the point. And one of the major things you have to be prepared for in a home remodel is dust.

Dust is unavoidable to a certain degree. If you’re cutting boards or tile in a house, you’re going to get lots of dust. The good news is, many professional remodelers (such as Stonehearth) have specific procedures in place to keep dust contained. It’s important to note that dust control is not just a luxury service – it can actually be a health concern. Make sure you find a remodeling company that will work actively to keep dust container and away from your family’s sleeping or eating areas.

Lack of Process Equals Bad Timelines

We’ve heard all too many cases of homeowners getting proposals back from remodeling companies that are simply too good to be true, both for price and for expect project completion timeline. A failure to correctly assess how long a project is going to take is usually caused by a lack of process. Unfortunately, a lot of professional remodeling companies don’t have a specific process in place, so most timelines are guestimates based on minimal information up front.

If you are about to select a remodeling company to move forward with a renovation project, make sure you are completely clear on their process. Stonehearth, for example, has dedicated time to specifically crafting a process that: 1) keeps all involved vendors on a schedule where everyone is always informed on what needs to be done, 2) ensures that projects are finished in the right order, and 3) gives homeowners sight of a “light at the end of the tunnel” for long remodeling projects.


Home remodeling projects are a big deal. They require a lot of decisions and involvement, not only at the beginning, but throughout the process. However, anyone who has had a remodeling project done right will tell you it is always worth it. Make sure you prepared for the decisions you’ll have to make throughout the process, as well as selecting a vendor that has a specific project management process in place. That’ll make it easier for you, them, and every involved party through the duration of the remodel!

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