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Increase Your Home’s Square Footage & Value With a Home Addition

Does your Minneapolis home meet your family’s needs, or does it feel like it’s missing something? Don’t assume that just because you’ve outgrown your current home, the only option is to move.

A carefully crafted home addition can improve your quality of life and give you the added space your family needs. Choose Stonehearth Remodeling to help you transform your home with a beautiful addition.

We’ve been delighting Minneapolis homeowners with our remodeling work since 1999.

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Add Square Footage & Comfort to Your Home

"My wife and I wanted to remodel our home and reached out to several contractors in our area. After interviewing several, we chose to work with Stonehearth and we are very glad that we did! They are knowledgeable, responsive, fairly priced and always communicated with us. We couldn’t be happier with our new kitchen addition!"
Jeff B

Types of Home Additions We Offer

The possibilities for adding to your home are nearly endless. Here are a handful of ideas:

  • Bathroom additions make it faster and easier for the whole family to get ready for the day and wind down at night.
  • Second-story additions can double the square footage of your living space without encroaching on the land around your property.
  • Extra rooms, including a home office, sunroom, second living room, detached garage, guest bedroom, and bathroom, improve the usability of your home.
  • Enlarged living spaces help make your kitchen, living room, primary suite, or other areas more spacious and functional.
  • In-law suite additions create space for your parents or in-laws to visit or move in.

Before & After a Garage Addition in Spring Park, MN

home before garage addition
home after a garage addition with slanted roof

 Is a Home Addition Right for You?

Consider the many benefits of home additions to help you decide if it’s the right remodeling option for you:

  • Increased square footage: An addition is a perfect solution when you need more room to accommodate your growing family.
  • Added luxury: This is your chance to add the luxurious features you’ve always wanted in your home.
  • No need to move: It’s no secret that moving is a huge hassle. An addition lets you keep enjoying your home’s location and features while creating more usable space.
  • Boosted resale value: A home addition will increase your selling price if you ever decide to move.

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Things To Consider Before Starting Your Home Addition Project

Planning your dream home on paper is easy, but the logistics can sometimes prevent you from bringing your vision to life. To avoid unforeseen complications, factor in these considerations and requirements as your project begins:

  • Building codes: Structural integrity and fire safety may limit certain aspects of your home addition.
  • HOA regulations: Make sure your homeowners association allows the addition you want to make.
  • Heating and cooling: To keep your home addition comfortable, you may need to extend the ductwork, replace your HVAC equipment, or install ductless heating and cooling.
  • Traffic flow and layout: Careful planning helps ensure good traffic flow between your home’s existing areas and the add-on.
  • Materials and finishes: If your home has unique architectural features, you’ll need to incorporate the appropriate materials and finishes to make the addition look natural.

Stonehearth can handle all the logistics of your home addition. Contact us today to learn more about our process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we receive about home additions include:

The decision to build your home up or out depends on your needs and goals. Building out gives you the least disruption to your current living space, but you’ll lose some of your yard, and it may require a zoning variance.

Building up will require strengthening the current foundation, adding a staircase, and removing part of the existing roof. However, when building up, you won’t need to worry about zoning restrictions or lost yard space.

Home additions increase square footage and raise your home value. If you’re looking to add space, luxury, and convenience to your home, a home addition is a sound investment.

Home additions that offer a higher return on investment include bathroom additions, bedroom additions, deck additions, and kitchen renovations.

Why Choose Stonehearth for Home Additions in Minneapolis?

The Stonehearth team is dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with fair prices and a job well done. Our team boasts incredible attention to detail to make sure nothing is overlooked.

We also pride ourselves on the durability of our work, using only the finest products, best materials, and most advanced techniques to ensure your home addition stands the test of time. We’re always available to answer questions and address your concerns.

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