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Major Home Renovations with a Family

Major home renovations can seem tricky if you haven’t done one before or talked with any remodeling companies about the details of how the project will flow. It can be difficult to know whether or not you’re ready for one in the first place, and even if you feel you are ready, there’s always the question of “How is it going to affect my family and home life?”

We totally get it! Doing anything major to your home can seem like an inconvenience to your daily routines. Having a family also adds an element to the mix – you want to make sure they’re safe at all times and that a renovation won’t put them in harm or chaos’s way.

Major Home Renovations with a Family

As long as you’re working with a professional and experienced remodeling company, safety shouldn’t be much of a concern. It’s always their goal to be efficient with the project while also doing everything in their strength to reduce the daily life impacts of a home remodel. But even with a professional vendor, it’s always smart to prepare you and your family for a home remodeling project. Here are a few observations to keep in mind:

1) Create Safe Zones for Your Family

If you have kids, you want to make sure they’re out of the way for a home remodeling project. There may be power tools, debris, and a lot of moving construction crew during a remodel. While professional remodelers do everything in their power to maintain a clean and safe area, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s no place for kids to be hanging around!

Make sure you, your spouse, and kids all know precisely where the construction crew will be working at all times. If your vendor has a clearly defined production schedule, it should be easy to know when they will be transitioning to various parts of the house, allowing you to plan for redefining safe zones for your kids.

2) Ask the Crew to Keep Tools Organized

You can’t expect a construction company to completely reset the entire work area at all points during a remodel. Sometimes guides, clamps, tools and all sorts of other construction gadgets may need to be kept in a certain area.

But it’s a smart idea to ask the crew if they can remove or choose a specific location to keep all tools when they’re not working. You want to keep your family safe, and tools laying around the house makes for a very non-kid-friendly space. Have a conversation with them about what they can do to keep even the construction zones as safe as possible for when they are off their shift.

3) Find a Remodeler Controls Dust

Dust control is absolutely imperative when it comes to home remodels. It may not sound like it, but dust can be a health hazard if it’s not properly maintained. Tile, wood, polymers, and any other type of material that the team is cutting with saws can inevitably make its way into the air and through your HVAC system. Professional remodelers like Stonehearth have processes in place to control dust and keep it away from your family. Make sure you work with a remodeling vendor that can do the same!


Home life and family safety doesn’t need to be stressful during a home remodel. If you’re cautious regarding who you choose to do you home remodel, defining safe zones within the home during construction, and asking the construction crew to keep tools in specific locations when they’re off shift, you should have a relatively safe space for you and your family. Always talk with remodeling companies about what they can do to lessen the impact of home remodeling projects on your family and daily home life!

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