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Being Efficient with Major Home Remodels

The process of decisions in a remodeling project can seem daunting alone. If you’ve ever been a part of a remodeling project, or have talked with people who have, you are well aware of the fact that there are a lot of decisions that need to be made throughout the entire process. Everything from where you look for inspiration, to deciding on materials and layout, selecting a remodeling company, communicating throughout the process, and navigating changes during construction – they all involve hefty decision making.

How to Be Efficient with a Major Home Remodel

There are a lot of ways you can be efficient with a major home remodel. But the degree to which actions and preparation affect the efficiency of the overall project largely depend on their role in the process. For example, additional time placed on researching and selecting a vendor can actually lead to less time spent in construction. And that’s precisely what we want to home in on.

Vendor Selection

Vendor selection is everything when it comes to home remodels. People have a tendency to commoditize the industry. The underlying thought is, “If I plan well, know exactly what I want, and properly communicate that, a vendor of any price should be able to execute the project just as good as the next one.” Unfortunately, that is rarely the case.

Proper vendor selection, while a long task in its own right, can actually make for a significantly more efficient experience in the long run. A vendor’s process will largely determine how smoothly and quickly a project runs, so it’s always smart to make sure you work with a vendor that has a well-defined process.

Stonehearth, for example, has what we call a Partner Plan. This plan details out all vendors who will be involved and notifies them – precisely – of what they will be working on. This means any potential problem areas in a project for, say, an electrician are known by the hired electrician far in advance to when they begin their part of the remodel. Not only does this keep every contractor accountable, it also makes project scopes and timelines much more predictable for homeowners, allowing them to plan around the schedule they are presented at the beginning of the remodeling project.

Communication Practices

Communication. Communication. Communication. What else did you expect to hear from a blog post about efficiency in major home remodels?

Jokes aside, communication is SO important when it comes to major home remodeling projects. Remember – good communication does not equate to frequency of communication. Proper communication has to do with being concise, clear, and up front about everything so expectations are set, accountability is possible, and operations run efficiently.

That means planning meetings rather than calling your remodeling company out of the blue for a 5 minute impromptu conversation about questions off the top of your head. It means talking with your spouse or family about key design elements far before your remodeling company starts asking you to pick out tile or carpet during construction. It means being flexible with others’ schedules and opinions to arrive at a solution efficiently.

You get the point. Communication is key, and it’s about quality of communication practices, not frequency.

Prepare Living ‘Zones’ Beforehand

You don’t want to work in the same area your construction workers are, and as nice as the crew is at Stonehearth, they reciprocate those feelings! Having efficiency in a home remodel means being adequately prepared for it. If you’re getting a master bathroom remodel, have your stuff out of there far before the remodeling team gets there. If you’re doing a kitchen remodel, empty all the cabinets you can beforehand. Don’t move your mattress from your master bedroom on the day your bedroom renovation starts.

See what we’re getting at? Preparing your home for any and all types of construction in the area you’re remodeling can make the project go way more efficiently. If you and the construction crew aren’t dancing around each other to get work done, minds can stay focused on the tasks at hand!

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