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Garage Remodeling in the Twin Cities

The garage is one of the most overlooked areas in your home, but it offers some of the greatest flexibility. Similar to finishing your basement, remodeling the garage has endless opportunities, from giving your car a luxurious place to park to converting the space into a whole new room.

Whatever function you choose for your garage, Stonehearth Remodeling can help you get there. We have over 20 years of experience renovating homes in the Twin Cities area, making every project enjoyable from start to finish.

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Garage Remodeling Ideas

Looking for ways to repurpose your old, dusty garage? Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Install new garage flooring: You may want to resurface the concrete floor or cover it with something new, like epoxy, foam mats, or tile.
  • Add insulation: If you plan to use your garage for anything other than parking your car, insulation is a must to make the space more comfortable in every season.
  • Paint the walls: Once you settle on a flooring material, you may choose to paint the walls in a matching color. If the walls are concrete, consider covering them with drywall.
  • Put in windows: The garage can feel dark and cavernous without a window. Add one to introduce natural light into the space.
  • Improve the lighting: Speaking of light, you may want to replace the cold fluorescent light fixture with something warmer and more inviting. Motion sensors can also keep your electricity bill down.
  • Add a second-story addition above the garage: If you don’t have a room above the garage, consider adding one. This can be an informal storage loft or fully furnished bedroom, office, or playroom.
  • Convert the garage into a whole new room: With the proper remodeling, you can easily convert your garage into a workshop, home theater, yoga studio, spare living room, guest bedroom, in-law suite, and so much more.
  • Remodel your detached garage: If you have grander things in mind than simply parking your car in the detached garage, we would be happy to help you brainstorm options for transforming it into a more beautiful, functional living space.

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Benefits of Remodeling Your Garage

Of all the home remodeling projects you could complete, why should you renovate the garage? Here’s why more and more Twin Cities homeowners are choosing to undergo this project:

  • Additional storage: If you plan to retain your garage’s original purpose, a remodel can help you maximize storage space with new shelving, cabinets, overhead racks, and more.
  • Expanded living space: Converting the garage into a furnished room is a cost-effective way to add more living space.
  • Increased home value: Whether you anticipate moving soon or not for another decade, rest assured that your remodeled garage will increase your home’s resale value.
  • Unrivaled flexibility: Based on the ideas above, it’s clear that the only limit to your garage remodeling project is your imagination!

Expand Your Home With a New Garage

If your home doesn’t already include garage space, adding one can be an amazing investment into your property. Stonehearth Remodeling can design and build a new garage for your home, as seamless and perfect as if it were built there on day one. As a top remodeling and home addition company in the Minneapolis area, we’ll go the extra mile to ensure your garage addition project exceeds your expectations.

With a garage addition, you’ll enjoy:

  • Protection of your vehicles against the elements: With a new garage, your cars will be protected from bad weather, falling branches, and debris.
  • Insulated storage space: You’ll have space for things you’d otherwise have to store in other areas of your home.
  • An ideal location for a home workshop: Don’t sit out in the sun or dirty your home with projects that require power tools. Use your garage addition as a workshop.
  • Secure storage: A garage will keep your vehicles, bikes, lawn equipment, and other valuables safe from theft or vandalism.
  • Improved home value and curb appeal: A garage is a beautiful and functional addition that will boost your home’s resale value.

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