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Home with slanted roof

When Is the Best Time To Remodel Your Home?

A Full Season-By-Season Remodeling Guide Similar to any major life event – planning for a wedding, a baby, etc. – home remodels are big decisions that call for careful planning and budgeting. Aside from planning what you want in a home remodel, you need to consider when the best time is to remodel your

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Couple looking at there home that's partly remodeled and half sketched

Tips for Living in Your House During a Home Remodel

Undergoing a home remodel can be an exciting and transformative experience, but it can also come with its fair share of challenges, especially when you choose to live in your house during the renovation process. Dealing with noise, dust, and limited access to certain areas of your home can be disruptive. However, with careful

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Living room remodel with large windows and waterfront views

A Guide to Remodeling a Waterfront Property

Waterfront properties hold a special allure, offering stunning views, tranquility, and a unique lifestyle. Investing in a remodel for your waterfront property allows you to personalize and upgrade your living space and presents an opportunity to significantly increase its value. Whether you’re looking to enhance the outdoor living areas, upgrade the interior design, or

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bathroom with stand alone bath tub

Best Type of Flooring for a Bathroom Renovation

Flooring is one of the largest materials in your home remodel. With options like natural stone, manufactured tiles, laminate, and wood, your choice can positively impact your living spaces, and Stonehearth Remodeling can help. Here are some innovative flooring ideas and general recommendations to help you find the best materials. Tile Flooring in Your

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